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Help Save The World And Collect a $100,000 Reward
帮助拯救世界并收集 100,000 美元的奖励

Green Team 10

绿色团队 10

International Think Tank – 国际智库

10 People Saving The World – One Problem At A Time

10人拯救世界 – 一次一个问题

5 Big Problems… 1 Very Green Solution

5 大问题…1个非常绿色的解决方案

PROBLEM NO. 1 – 问题不。 1

Every day over 10,000 trees that provide refuge for wildlife, prevent soil erosion, and remove huge amounts of CO2 from our air and replace it with oxygen are being cut down for a variety of products being consumed around the world. This video explains the deforestation taking place in painful detail…

每天有超过 10,000 棵树为野生动物提供避难所,防止土壤侵蚀,并从我们的空气中去除大量的二氧化碳并用氧气代替它,正在被砍伐,用于世界各地消费的各种产品。这段视频详细解释了正在发生的森林砍伐……

The forests of America, Canada, Russia and Brazil are all being stripped naked for profit. This problem is made even worse by massive wildfires that consume and average of 500,000 acres every year. If you are interested in collecting our $100,000USD reward, keep reading and watching here and you will find the link with full instructions, No this is not a joke nor a scam. You too will have a chance to save the world and collect $100,000 USD for your efforts.

美国、加拿大、俄罗斯和巴西的森林都被赤裸裸地剥光了,以牟利。大规模的野火使这个问题变得更糟,每年平均消耗50万英亩。如果您有兴趣收集我们的 $100,000USD 奖励,请继续阅读和观看此处,您会发现带有完整说明的链接,不,这不是一个笑话也不是骗局。 你也将有机会拯救世界,并为您的努力收集 100,000 美元。
No words required. – 无需字

PROBLEM NO. 2 – 问题不。2

Every day, 40,000 tons of plastic are not being recycled and polluting every nation on Earth and our oceans. Microscopic plastic is now showing up in our processed food, in our meats, fish, and consumer products. Almost 10% of marine life are being killed by plastic pollution. This photo shows a 121 square mile patch of plastic that has accumulated in the Pacific ocean. The news story is here:


PROBLEM NO. 3 – 问题不。3

Population growth is accelerating in China, India, and Africa twice as fast as the rest of the world. The below chart shows what our planet must sustain. The need for more trees, plastics, and food will far exceed the supply that will create huge shortages, increased costs, and human suffering never seen before.


PROBLEM NO. 4 – 问题不。4

As the world population grows, the need for suitable, durable and sanitary housing will also be in huge demand but government planners and commercial builders all agree that the supply of building materials will become grossly insufficient by 2027. There simply will not be enough lumber, bricks, nor steel rebar to build homes and work spaces. How long could YOU live in a tent like the nomads of Mongolia?

随着世界人口的增长,对合适,耐用和卫生的住房的需求也将巨大,但政府规划者和商业建筑商都同意,到2027年,建筑材料的供应将变得严重不足。 根本没有足够的木材,砖块和钢筋来建造房屋和工作空间。你能像蒙古的游牧民族一样在帐篷里住多久?

FEMA and the United Nations actually has emergency plans to build over 2,500 Tent Cities around the world as housing prices grow out of reach for 30% of the world’s population, even in America.


Not only will there be a shortage of construction materials, we already have a shortage of skilled construction workers today. Most people have no desire to work outdoors in all weather, and learn skills that requires physical labor and getting their hands dirty. Today’s construction workers are aging and the retirement rate is almost 180% higher than the recruitment rate.


PROBLEM NO 5. – 问题不。5

Over 1 million schools around the world stopped teaching sculpture to students because;

全世界超过100万所学校停止向学生教授雕塑, 因为:

a) The delivered cost of clay has risen to more than $7 a pound (a 4 inch cube)


b) The cost and fire hazard of an oven to cure the clay project is now more than $7,500 and drove up the cost of insurance by 10%


c)  The finished clay works are so fragile that almost half are damaged or destroyed within 6 months of creation.



A new very green material has been invented from Organic waste items that are polluting our environment at a rate of more than 6.5 million tons per day. At present these items present a fire hazard, home for snakes, rodents, and insects. They are also an eyesore if not buried or burned, two options that are both costly and yet another source of pollution.

一种新的非常绿色的材料已经从有机废物中发明出来,这些废物每天污染我们的环境超过 650 万吨。目前,这些物品存在火灾隐患,是蛇,啮齿动物和昆虫的家园。如果不掩埋或焚烧,它们也是一个令人眼花缭乱的选择,这两种选择既昂贵又是另一种污染源。

The new recycled material will save millions of trees every year, reduce the demand for plastic by almost 50%, and provide schools with a cheap, safe, and durable replacement for clay that is one-third the cost of clay and one-fifth the weight to ship. This new material will be used to make the following products that are stronger, cheaper, and greener;


  • Doors (Very Durable)
  • Super strong, non-warping lumber
  • Roofing Tiles
  • Decorative Molding
  • Super strong non-warping plywood
  • Bricks
  • Tables
  • Desks
  • Crating
  • Shelving and Bookcases
  • Flooring
  • Insulation Beads
  • Custom Furniture
  • Fencing
  • Window Frames
  • Art Frames
  • Cups, Plates, Dinnerware
  • Disposable Utensils
  • Toys
  • Tool Sheds
  • Decorative Planter Pots and Boxes
  • Pet Containers & Housing
  • Very Light/Strong Canoes & Kayaks
  • Decorative Lamps
  • Stage Sets and Props
  • Medicine Bottles & Containers
  • Sculptures and 3D Art
  • Replica Reproduction of Museum Display Pieces
  • 门 (非常耐用)
  • 超强、不翘曲的木材
  • 屋面瓦 – 装饰成型
  • 超强无翘曲胶合板
  • 积木
  • 表格
  • 办公桌
  • 装箱
  • 书架和书柜
  • 地板 – 绝缘珠
  • 定制家具
  • 击剑
  • 窗框
  • 艺术相框
  • 杯子,盘子,餐具
  • 一次性用具
  • 玩具
  • 工具棚
  • 装饰花盆和盒子
  • 非常轻/强的独木舟和皮划艇
  • 装饰灯具 – 舞台布景和道具
  • 药瓶和容器
  • 雕塑和3D艺术
  • 博物馆展示品的复制品复制品

This new green material can be poured or injection- molded into any shape (with or without pressure), extruded, and hand-crafted for art works. Density, hardness, and weight can be altered as required, and unlike particle board, it does not warp or disintegrate. It can be poured like concrete if needed. It does not contain any carcinogens, and different formulations can make it water-proof and fire-retardant up to 1200 degrees.

这种新的绿色材料可以倾倒或注塑成任何形状(有或没有压力),挤出和手工制作用于艺术品。密度,硬度和重量可以根据需要改变,并且与刨花板不同,它不会翘曲或分解。如果需要,它可以像混凝土一样浇筑。它不含任何致癌物质,不同的配方可以使其防水和阻燃高达 1200 度。

This BIODEGRADABLE material can be drilled, nailed, screwed, glued, painted, stained, and used indoors or outdoors. It is much cheaper than lumber and cannot be eaten by termites! It is so safe that the inventor will eat it at demonstrations to prove it. For details contact the person who gave you this link.

这种可生物降解的材料可以钻孔,钉钉,拧紧,粘合,涂漆,染色,并在室内或室外使用。它比木材便宜得多,白蚁不能吃! 它是如此安全,以至于发明者会在演示中吃掉它来证明它。有关详细信息,请与提供此链接的人联系。


These are samples of the new material. It is a natural beige/brown color but can be colored with natural pigment, stained and even painted. The more it is compressed the harder it becomes when it cures. On average, it is twice as hard as a walnut shell or 5 on the Moh scale, roughly the same as maple wood (what baseball bats are made out of). This material can be molded/pressed as thin as 1/4″ or as thick as 24″ in diameter to make decorative columns or fireplace logs that will burn for up to 12 hours. Some formulations are fire-proof and others are water-proof.



This new material in it’s Green Clay form can also be used to create original or replica sculptures like these that are not fragile and can be dropped from 50 meters without breaking. They are also 800% lighter than marble and 300% lighter than clay.



The ingredients of this new material are 100% organic, contain no chemicals, and are all recycled waste matter that is accumulating around the world quickly. No plastics are used and full disclosure will be made to prospective strategic partners at demos. It’s consistency is similar to soft clay before use and becomes as hard as rock after it dries. All ingredients are 100% bio-degradable. The annual world value of this material is estimated at $100 Billion USD annually as summarized below;

这种新材料的成分是100%有机的,不含化学物质,并且都是回收的废物,在世界各地迅速积累。不使用塑料,并将在演示中向潜在的战略合作伙伴进行全面披露。它的稠度类似于使用前的软粘土,干燥后变得像岩石一样坚硬。 所有成分都是 100% 可生物降解的。该材料的年度世界价值估计为每年1000亿美元,总结如下;

Since 2020 the price of lumber has increased 377% and is estimated to increase another 120% by 2025, our material is used in place of lumber builders and developers would save over 500% from today’s prices!

自 2020 年以来,木材价格上涨了377%,预计到2025年将再上涨120%,我们的材料将代替木材制造商,开发商将从今天的价格节省500%以上!

COSTS: – 成本:

To make this new green goop in bulk, we are looking at a total raw material cost of roughly $3 per metric ton with a labor cost of $1. Total delivered cost of $6 per metric ton (2,200 pounds) to distributors. This material can also be processed on the job site in many cases very economically. Service life of 100+ years provides great value with no risk of termites nor warpage. Btw… 2.200 pounds of delivered lumber would cost you and average of $1,900 today!

为了批量生产这种新的绿色粘液,我们正在考虑每公吨约3美元的原材料总成本,劳动力成本为1美元。向分销商交付的总成本为每公吨(2,200磅)6美元。在许多情况下,这种材料也可以在作业现场非常经济地进行加工。100多年的使用寿命提供了巨大的价值,没有白蚁或翘曲的风险。 顺便说一句… 2.200磅交付的木材将花费您,今天平均花费 1,900美元!

Okay, but is it safe?


Since all the ingredients were made by Mother Nature, it contains no toxins, chemicals, nor carcinogens. As you can see in this one minute video, you can even eat it without any problem (Warning: It tastes horrible!)


Before and After The Green Goop Dries

International Strategic Partners Now Needed


In order to make this project a world-wide reality we need strategic global partners who can obtain exclusive licensing by country or region. If you are in the construction business with an established network in your country visit this link and then text your company web site and contact info to 646-934-5617 in English or if in Mandarin by WeiXin to 15110058580 and allow one week for a reply from the inventor. If you want to see and test the material a demo is available in New York or Beijing. Hablamos Espanol Tambien!

为了使这个项目成为世界范围的现实,我们需要战略性的全球合作伙伴,他们可以按国家或地区购买独家许可。如果您从事建筑业务,并在您所在国家/地区建立了网络,请访问此链接,然后用英语将您的公司网站和联系信息发送到 646-934-5617,或者如果微信用普通话 15110058580,并允许一周的发明人回复。 如果您想查看和测试材料,可以在纽约或北京进行演示。哈布拉莫斯西班牙人塔比恩!

Other GT10 projects ready for licensing under the GT10’s Green Umbrella: GT10的其他项目准备在GT10的绿伞下获得许可:

Now about that reward…


The inventor is busy working on two other green projects and needs you to help him find the global partners needed to put this crazy new green stuff on the market. If you find and introduce a suitable global partner who buys an exclusive license for any country, not only will you collect a $100,000 reward (at the time the license is purchased by your contact), but you will also be helping to save 70,000 trees every week, and eliminating 40,000 tons of plastic from polluting our planet every week for the next century. So think of who you know in the construction, investment, or green industries, and tell them about our project. Before you share this website with him or her, register your contact by email at:

发明家正忙于另外两个绿色项目,需要你帮助他找到将这种疯狂的新绿色产品推向市场所需的全球合作伙伴。 如果您找到并介绍一个合适的全球合作伙伴,他为任何国家/地区购买独家许可证,您不仅将获得 100,000 美元的奖励(在您的联系人购买许可证时),而且还将帮助每周节省 70,000 棵树,并在下个世纪每周消除 40,000 吨污染我们星球的塑料。因此,想想您在建筑,投资或绿色行业认识的人,并告诉他们我们的项目。在与他或她分享本网站之前,请通过电子邮件注册您的联系人:

Save our email reply as your proof that the contact was referred by you. You can refer as many people as you like but with one person per email. Also, the person you refer must contact us and mention your name as the source of the referral. If they do not contact us within 10 days of your referral, we will contact them and ask if they know you, so be sure to include your full name and telephone number. If there is any confusion, we will call you.



We Like And Need Unique Critical Thinkers!

If you work in a Green industry or hold a degree in Environmental Science, send us your resume if you want to volunteer, work, or intern with us in the future or become on of the GT10 in your country with a chance to own 1% of our growing operation. We have two other very interesting and disruptive green products in final development, but this project is our priority for 2022.

如果您在绿色行业工作或拥有环境科学学位,如果您想在将来与我们一起做志愿者,工作或实习,或者成为您所在国家的GT10,并有机会拥有我们不断增长的业务的1%,请将您的简历发送给我们。 我们还有另外两个非常有趣和颠覆性的绿色产品正在最终开发中,但这个项目是我们2022年的优先事项。

Our Team is still growing and the first string players will be finalized by 2023. Maybe YOU can join us? We still have an opening on our board.

我们的团队仍在成长,第一批弦乐演奏家将在2023年之前完成。也许你可以加入我们? 我们的董事会仍然有一个空缺。

Our Founder has been an environmental activist since 1975 in three countries, China, USA, and Canada… 自1975年以来,我们的创始人一直是中国,美国和加拿大三个国家的环保活动家。

The inventor (center left standing next to former SAFEA Director Xu Dong) headed a group of foreigners in Beijing who planted 300 trees on Earth Day in Shunyi to create “Friendship Park” back in 2016.


In 1979 our founder (a PADI certified Scuba Instructor) trained 30 teen age delinquent boys in a program called Accion Juvenil how to dive and they then built Puerto Rico’s first artificial reef in Aguadilla Bay.

1979年,我们的创始人(PADI 认证的水肺教练)在一个名为Accion Juvenil的项目中培训了30名青少年犯罪男孩如何潜水,然后他们在阿瓜迪亚湾建造了波多黎各的第一个人工鱼礁。

In 1979 our founder was the Chairman of The Ramey Community Council (a volunteer civic group) in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico that exposed a 60,000 gallon secret Dow Chemical toxic chemical storage above a famous pristine tourist beach and organized 2,100 citizens to march 45 miles in protest that resulted in DOW Chemical being shut down and fined $5 million dollars.


In 2018 our founder drafted a plan to convert 12 abandoned apartment buildings in Beijing into vertical farms for low income neighborhoods but the project had to be put on hold because of COVID and developers have since bought 9 of the buildings for new apartments.


Antoni now has plans to build the longest tree tunnel in Huairou (3 kilometers long) and a smaller one in Haidian Park as a quiet place for couples to stroll and perhaps have a picnic.


NOTE: This web site is for internal recruitment, training, and informational purposes only. Our public site can be found at:


This presentation is available in Spanish at Esta presentacion es disponible en Espanol tambien en:

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