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Our Mission And Goals – 我们的使命和目标

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Our Mission And Goals – 我们的使命和目标

Our mission is to stop and reverse the damage being done to our environment. Our goals are three-fold:

我们的使命是阻止和扭转对环境造成的破坏。 我们的目标有三个方面:

GOAL NO. 1 – 1 TRILLION MORE TREES AND WHY… 目标1 – 多1万亿棵树,为什么…

Using our Green Wood Substitute will save 1 Trillion trees every 10 years. Here is what that will mean for all of us…


More trees equate to 1. Cleaner Air, 2 . More Food, and 3. More Wildlife – all of which combine for a much better quality of life for everyone.

更多的树相当于1。更清洁的空气,2。更多的食物,和3。更多的野生动物 – 所有这些都结合起来,为每个人提供更好的生活质量。

GOAL NO. 2 – CLEAN SAFE WATER – 目标2 – 清洁安全的水

As you can see from the below video, we do have the green technology to stop and remove chemicals and toxins from our polluted water. Our new green material can replace 50% of all plastic products. But as for dumping garbage into our rivers, lakes, and oceans, only huge fines imposed on violators will solve this problem.

从下面的视频中可以看出,我们确实有绿色技术来阻止和清除我们受污染水中的化学物质和毒素。 我们的新型绿色材料可以取代所有塑料制品的50%。但至于把垃圾倒入我们的河流、湖泊和海洋,只有对违规者处以巨额罚款才能解决这个问题。

This video is real-time and unedited. Polluted water can be cleaned and safe to drink within 5 minutes. 此视频是实时且未经编辑的。受污染的水可以在5分钟内清洗并安全饮用。

GOAL NO. 3 – Making Our Air Pathogen-Free And Safe 目标3 – 使我们的空气无病原体和安全

The Guardian Machine you see below is disruptive technology that destroys and all viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi floating around daily in the air we breathe with 99.5% efficiency. and protect against a bio-terrorist attack.

您在下面看到的Guardian Machine是颠覆性技术,可以以99.5%的效率破坏我们呼吸的空气中每天漂浮的所有病毒, 细菌, 霉菌和真菌。

More information about this machine can found at: 有关此机器的更多信息,请访问